Perpetual violence in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo continued to
be borne by the civilian population, who manifested their desperation in part through
mob violence and demonstrations against the United Nations Organization
Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO), the
international community and the authorities of the Democratic Republic of the Congo,
notably since March 2021. Armed groups continued to operate with near impunity in
eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo during the reporting period.

In North Kivu, despite operations of the Armed Forces of the Democratic
Republic of the Congo (Forces armées de la République démocratique du Congo,
FARDC), the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) armed group rebuilt and intensified its
attacks, particularly in the Rwenzori sector. ADF increased its use of improvised
explosive devices against FARDC and civilians. The involvement of ADF combatants
from outside the Democratic Republic of the Congo contributed to modest
advancements in improvised explosive device construction techniques. The Group
was unable to establish direct support or command and control of the Islamic State in
Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) over ADF, despite ADF attempts to project alignment with

ADF attacks and abduction of farmers, many of whom cultivated cocoa, took
place across Beni territory. ADF and its collaborators undertook isolated acts of cocoa
harvesting, theft and trade. Some FARDC members harvested cocoa from fields
abandoned by the population and smuggled it to Uganda.
A case of trafficking of ammunition between some members of FARDC and
members of the Institut congolais pour la conservation de la nature (ICCN) revealed
inadequate stockpile management and the risk of diversion towards armed groups. A
deadly attack during which ICCN eco-guards were killed illustrated how armed
groups targeted ICCN, including to obtain weaponry.

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