[NEWS IN-DEPTH] The BTS phenomenon and future of K-Pop

BTS 현상과 K-Pop 영향력 확대

And for a more in-depth discussion we’re joine by Professor Lee Gyu-tag of George Mason University Korea.

1. Let’s start off with the boy band’s latest performance. Their tour concert ended recently. What’s your observation on the shows?
2. Their latest album ‘Map of the soul: Persona’ is now ranked number 31 on the Billboard 200. On the Billboard social 50, BTS is retaining its top spot for the 100th week. The boy band has also received two billboard music awards and I can go on all night on their achievements. Could you walk us through the major feats achieved by the BTS?
3. Their achievements are beyond successful, they are unprecedented for any Korean artist. What is the significance or implication of their record-breaking achivements so far?
4. BTS is not the first Korean artist to make it to any of the billboard ranking lists. But they surely stand out. Why? What’s so different and special about them?
5. how do you personally assess their music?
6. One of the interesting traits of BTS songs is that they strike a chord with themes that everyone can relate to. For instance their series of ‘Love Yourself’. They actually delivered a speech at the UN under the theme ‘Love Yourself’. How do you see this?
7. I hear most of Korea’s idol groups that refer to boy bands or girl groups have their own unique view of the world and so does BTS. Could you elaborate on this trend, and how the trend is being received by fans?
8. The boy band’s fanbase called ‘Army’ is also gaining wide recognition with its massive size and support. What are some of their characteristics that distinguish them from other fan clubs?
9. It’s interesting how BTS consistently sings mostly in Korean although they could have released an English version by now. In fact, it goes the other way, with fans actually learning to read and sing in Korean, and I think only one of them speaks English, and the band’s leader Rap Monster has said he has no plans to work on an English album. Why? (due to this fact, actually, CNN said that BTS is more powerful than the Beatles, because BTS succeeded in “invading” America like the Beatles did in the 1960s without speaking English)
10. Their record label Big Hit Entertainment, and its chief executive clinched memberships to the U.S. Recording Academy, the decision making body that annually selects the Grammy Awards winners. How big is this? (no pun intended)
11. BTS is not the only Korean group that is gaining more and more global popularity. Could you name a few other noticeable artists for us?
12. K-Pop stars have raised the bar and the status of K-pop in the global music industry and their influence is growing. Do you expect this trend to continue?
13. What kind of efforts do you think are needed to carry on this legacy of Korean artists we are witnessing right now… and what are some other ways to foster the next BTS?
14. How do you see K-pop evolving and in which direction should the Korean music industry go?