Sublime Text 3 Python

In tnis Sublime Text 3 Python video, I will do a walkthrough on how to setup Sublime Text 3 for Python programming. I will show you how to run both simple python programs as well as python programs that take in user input.

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0:00 Introduction to Sublime Text 3 Python
0:28 Download Sublime Text 3
01:37 Increase Font in Sublime Text 3
02:02 Run Python Code in Sublime Text 3
02:46 Install 3rd Party Packages in Sublime Text 3
03:46 Install SublimeREPL in Sublime Text 3
04:07 Verify that Package Installation was successful
04:20 Write Python Program that takes in user input
05:08 Run SublimeREPL for Python
05:57 Create a shortcut for SublimeREPL Python
06:46 Keyboard shortcut to close SublimeREPL
06:54 Top Tip (How to remove packages in Sublime Text 3)

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