Best Python IDEs and Code Editors | Development Environments

Looking for the best IDE development environment or platform to write Python programs? Some of the top IDEs and Code Editors are ranked here for Windows and Mac, including Pycharm and Jupyter notebook.

Best Python Development Environments
What is a code editor? Text editor with syntax highlighting, code completion, refactoring, etc.
What is an IDE? Code editor, build automation, compiler/interpreter, debugger, package manager, version control, class & function mapping.

1. PyCharm – integrated dev environment.
Windows, Mac, Linux.
Free (Community) and Paid (Professional) versions
Editing w/ syntax highlighting, run and debug.
2. Spyder – included in Anaconda. Good for data science, but PyCharm is probably better for anything else.
3. Eclipse + PyDev – Windows, Mac, Linux.
4. Visual Studio Code (Microsoft) – Windows, Mac, Linux.
5. IDLE – Windows, Mac, Linux. — too basic. lacks high-end features.
More: Wing, Komodo, Emacs, Eric.
1. Notepad++ – Windows only. Free. Lighter weight and faster for Windows, but no Mac version.
2. Sublime Text – Windows, Mac, Linux. Free eval, $70.
3. Atom – Windows, Mac, Linux. Free. Browser based. from GitHub.
4. VIM – Windows, Mac, Linux.
Jupyter Notebook – awesome browser-based. allows combo of markdown, comments, output in small blocks of code, so perfect for instruction.
Enthought Canopy – similar to Anaconda. built in package manager. great for scientific computing.

WINNERS: PyCharm, Notepad++, Sublime, Jupyter
for Anaconda users, Spyder
for Eclipse fanatics, PyDev