How to Run Python in VSCode (Visual Studio Code) Windows 10 2021 | Best IDE

0:00 How to run Python in VSCode (visual studio code)
0:10 Install and setup Python from together with py launcher
0:20 Preview of using py command in vscode terminal
0:47 Go to extensions to enable Python in vs code
1:01 Setup python extension
1:11 Open new terminal console in vscode
1:20 Executing (running) python in shell
1:30 Start a new vscode python project and save it to
2:00 New Python tab appears (lower left corner in vscode)
2:50 Running python program with python command in vscode Terminal
3:50 Outro

Windows 10 2021
Is VSCode Best IDE for Python?
Select python interpreter

In this tutorial I’ll walk you through the process of running your Python scripts via the VS Code (visual studio code) editor, instead of your regular Mac Terminal or cmd.exe on Windows OS.

We’ll go ahead and install the latest version of Python from the official website and also install the Python VSCode extension. After that we’ll type some basic Python commands in VS Code Terminal in Python bash as well as create a separate Python project with file and execute it directly from the VSCode Terminal.

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Running python from vscode terminal is a lot more convenient than doing it with your standard bash/cmd/terminal since you always have your vscode open when you’re editing your code. So running python in vscode is ought to save a lot of time in the long run. Good luck out there!

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