Leaked iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, Leaked Windows 8 Build 7955 M2 & More – Best Tech Info & Rumors 5

This is the fifth episode of my new series titled “Best Tech Info And Rumors”!

Links to rumors/news discussed:

1. T-Mobile iPhone: http://besttechinfo.com/t-mobile-iphone-4/

2. Leaked iPhone N94 Has An A5: http://besttechinfo.com/leaked-t-mobile-iphone-4s/

3. iPhone 4S With 3.7 Inch Display: http://besttechinfo.com/gen-iphone-leaked-larger-screen/

4. Windows 8 Pattern Login & Webcam App: http://besttechinfo.com/windows-8-webcam-app-pattern-login-demo/

5. Windows 8 Build 7955 Leaked: http://besttechinfo.com/windows-8-build-7955-leaked/

6. Steve Jobs Responds To iPhone Tracking & Apple Sued Over It: http://besttechinfo.com/steve-jobs-diverts-attention-iphone-tracking-blames-google/

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