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On today’s TADA Korea, we talk about the comeback of one of the hottest artists, TWICE and rapper ZICO. K-pop girl group TWICE has made their come back with their 8th mini album “Feel Special” early this week, while rapper ZICO has announced he’ll be releasing his first solo studio album titled “Thinking”. This and more on today’s cultural news.
Girl-group Twice are to make a comeback as an eight-member group. Twice held a showcase of their eighth album, “Feel Special,” on Monday. Having produced 11 hits so far, Twice are poised to produce a 12th consecutive hit. The new album contains seven tracks, including the title track of the same title.In addition to the cheerful and sassy images of the group’s previous albums, “Feel Special” also features tracks of a sentimental nature. One of Twice’s members, Mina, who had been diagnosed with anxiety disorder, has decided to stay out of the public eye for the time being. Rapper Zico is to release his first solo studio album titled “Thinking.” His agency said the rapper will unveil the first part of his album on September 30, and the second part next month. Zico’s fans are eager to hear his new songs, as this will be his first solo album since his debut eight years ago and since the establishment of his own management agency back in January. The artist’s agency added that the title “Thinking” represents Zico’s frank thoughts. The agency said with confidence that the quality of the upcoming album is high enough to quench the thirst of Zico’s fans, who have been anxiously waiting for his music.