What to know about Kazakhstan – Surge of fuel prices, protests, state of emergency | DW News

Violent protests and a state of emergency declared in Kazakhstan: Armed demonstrators have stormed and set fire to public buildings in Almaty and reportedly seized the airport. The unrest was triggered by a sharp increase in fuel prices.

Protesters there have stormed and set fire to government buildings in the country’s largest city Almaty. The violence in Almaty follows days of mass demonstrations over surging fuel prices. Appealing for calm, the country’s president, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, spoke of deaths and injuries sustained in the protests – and said he would act forcefully to end the unrest.
While tensions in Kazakhstan continue to grow, the world is trying to understand what’s behind the unrest. The Central Asian country has escaped the global spotlight for decades. Here’s a closer look now at the former Soviet republic’s recent history – and what the current protests could mean for its authoritarian rule.

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